Everyday heroes - 3 inspiring true stories of bravery

 1. Hero jumps in front of a train to save a stranger

     At around one o'clock on January 2nd, 2007, 50-year old construction worker Wesley Autrey was waiting for a subway train with his two daughters, aged 4 and 6. All of a sudden, he noticed a man - 20-year old Cameron Hollopeter, collapse into a seizure and fall to the ground.  Wesley immediately ran over to help him, alongside two women. With their help, Cameron could stand up again, but he couldn't fully regain his balance and was stumbling around. Still dizzy and disoriented, he fell down onto the tracks between two rails. At that moment, Wesley saw the subway train lights - the train had finally arrived, and it was headed straight towards Cameron.

8 ways to understand yourself and find direction in life


   Do you know exactly what you want out of life? What drives you? What motivates you always, no matter what? If you don't, I have compiled a list of ideas to help. These are my tips for finding direction in your life and understanding yourself  better!

1.  Keep a journal.

   Write down your thoughts, ideas and experiences into a journal. Your journal is a summary of the things that go through your mind and your experiences in life. Write sincerely and remember that nobody besides you will read it.

Against all odds- 3 amazing stories of survival

1.      Lost in the rainforest

   On the Christmas Eve of 1971, 17- year old Juliane K√∂pcke and her mother took a flight to Peru to see her father, a famous zoologist working in the rainforest there. The airline they used, LANSA, had a bad reputation, but they desperately wanted to spend Christmas with Juliane's father.

5 reasons new year's resolutions don't work


   Making new year's resolutions is a very popular tradition. The arrival of a new year is all about starting over. A new year, a new life. But few people actually stick to their resolutions. Most return to their old ways pretty soon.

    I don't think new year's resolutions are a good idea and I don't make them. And back when I did make them, the resolutions I made were never the goals I actually achieved. It actually seemed to me to be the worst time of the year to make goals. So I decided to write a list of the reasons I don't make new year's resolutions -  my 5 reasons not to make new year's resolutions:

3 inspiring stories of generosity

1.    Cooking for free for the kids 

   Bruno Serato moved from Italy to USA in 1980 as a poor immigrant who didn't speak a word of English. He began his career working as a dishwasher. Working hard, he dreamed of owning his own restaurant. He achieved his dream with hard work and dedication. He now serves Italian food in his own restaurant called the White House in Anaheim. Celebrities and politicians have eaten at his restaurant. But his favourite customers are the ones that he feeds for free - the so-called "motel children" of Orange County. They are the children whose parents are too poor to afford them decent, regular meals.

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