8 ways to understand yourself and find direction in life


   Do you know exactly what you want out of life? What drives you? What motivates you always, no matter what? If you don't, I have compiled a list of ideas to help. These are my tips for finding direction in your life and understanding yourself  better!

1.  Keep a journal.

   Write down your thoughts, ideas and experiences into a journal. Your journal is a summary of the things that go through your mind and your experiences in life. Write sincerely and remember that nobody besides you will read it.

   You don't have to write daily or make any sort of a set schedule for writing in the journal. You can just write whenever you feel like it and have time. Don't force yourself to write, let the habit develop naturally. 

  Going over your journal and analyzing it helps you make new realizations about yourself and your life.

2.  Pursue new hobbies.

   You may discover a new passion, or just have a good time exploring new activities. Trying something new will give you new insight into yourself and your talents. Challenge yourself!

3.  Break your routine.

   If you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, switch it up. Do something spontaneous. Breaking out of your comfort zone and giving yourself more freedom to do as you please will open your mind and help you get more in touch with what makes you happy.

4.  Listen to others.

   Sometimes a different perspective can help you discover new sides of yourself. Take careful note of what the people close to you say, there can be truth there that you have hidden from yourself. Everybody sees the world differently and feedback from others can help you see what you would've otherwise missed. An outside perspective can be just what you need to figure things out.

5.  Get creative.

   Pursue whatever creative activity you enjoy, or try a new one! Using your imagination will uncover your innermost emotions that are currently hidden in your subconscious mind.

6.  Analyze your goals.

   Contemplate the reasons for why you have chosen the specific goals that you currently have in your life. Think about the underlying motivations behind them and whether you could be happy going in an alternative direction instead.

   If you find that you struggle to find motivation in your life right now and are confused, re-evaluating what you truly want will help.

7.  Analyze your social circle and relationships.
   Contemplate the people in your life and the roles that they play. Who you choose to surround yourself with, and why, gives you insight into who you are.

   Think about the relationships in your life - if there are some that are causing you stress, are these people making an effort to make things better? If not, it could be better to distance yourself from those people causing you stress. It's always beneficial to spend more time with people who bring positivity into your life and as little time as possible with those who don't.
8.  Bring new people into your life.

   Make an effort to meet new people. Diversify your social circle. Every new person offers a new unique perspective and new experiences that help you further understand yourself. This is crucial if you don't feel heard and supported by the people currently in your life. Seek out positive, like-minded people who will support you and inspire you.

   How well do you know yourself? Do you know exactly where you want to go with your life? Do you have some ideas to add? Feel free to express yourself and comment!

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Alyson Burdette said...

This is a nice list! Try new things and meeting new people can make life much more enjoyable.

Bilal Kamoon said...

Very nice blog Gemma :D

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I'm following :)

cat said...

This is so appropriate as I find myself having diverging passion these days :( Thanks for the tips, Gemma! xo

Harper Cosper said...

I agree! It helps to do the hobbies you enjoy and do a little bit of travelling when you're soul searching. You'll feel your worth as a person, and appreciate the beauty and talents that have been given to you.

Anonymous said...

hey if you got nay advise for me hut me up at thanks!

Anonymous said...

got skills in life well share the wealth

Unknown said...

Very motivational stories!!!! many thanx

Anonymous said...

thank u very much for your inspirational words, I know what I must do, thank u

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