How to have a great Valentine's day while single


   Valentine's day can leave many singles feeling lonely. I know this from personal experience. I've been thinking about it and decided to put together some ideas for people that are currently single and not exactly looking forward to the holiday this year.

  Everyone is prone to feeling lonely when it seems like everybody around you is happily partnered with someone special. So, if you're afraid of feeling sad this Valentine's day, I wrote this post to share some ideas and tips on having a great Valentine's day while single.

Activity ideas :

 1. Have a good time with your single friends.

  Chances are, many of the people you know will feel the same way as you and need some company. Do something fun together, and you'll forget about what day it is.

 2. Travel.

  If there are a lot of memories where you are that you'd rather forget, it will help to change surroundings, if at all possible. It doesn't have to be far.

 3. Pamper yourself.

  Focus on yourself. Remember that you know best how to take care of yourself, and you don't need anyone else. Take a nice, long bath, get a professional massage or maybe go out shopping, and buy stuff you normally wouldn't.

 4. Preoccupy yourself with a hobby or interest.

  Buy a book on a topic that fascinates you. Do something creative. The greatest of artists have drawn inspiration from their personal pain. By actively engaging in something creative, you will not only find an activity to stop your mind from wandering on negative emotions, but you'll be letting the emotions out aswell.

 5. Do something to not be single.

  If you loathe being single, spend some time making a plan for yourself on how you can meet more people and find yourself someone new again. Write down some ideas, and choose some to put on your to-do list. Take action to not feel lonely - it's the perfect time to talk to someone new, or maybe seek out someone you used to be close with. Remember, there are plenty of others who may feel the same way as you do on Valentine's day. Having a proactive attitude will stop self-pity from taking over.

General tips :

 1. Focus on other aspects of your life.

  Remember that finding love is an important part of life, but being with someone is not essential to being happy. There is a lot more to living than having a boyfriend/girlfriend.

 2. Focus on the positive.

 See inspiration, not something to envy in all those happy couples you see. Remember, happy couples are living proof that love is out there for you and everyone to find - be grateful for that.

 3. Show others you care.

 Show your gratefulness to the people you appreciate in your life. Cheering other people up and helping them will have a positive effect on you as well.

 4. Express yourself.

  Share your feelings about the day with someone understanding. Talk to someone who you know can relate. Or write it all down. From my personal experience, writing down your feelings into a little rant will make you feel better - even if it's just for your own eyes to see.


  Being idle is not a good choice when you're feeling blue. While your first instinct may be to stay in all night and watch sad movies (or maybe cheery comedies, either way), I'd suggest against that. Eventually, you'll get bored of staring at the screen, and the negativity can creep back in.

 6. Face your feelings.

  Don't pretend to feel all cheery and okay if you aren't. Indeed, you may think it's just a silly holiday, but that doesn't mean it's silly to wish for positive acknowledgment from others during holidays, silly holiday or not. It's understandable to not feel 100% cheerful, to feel a bit sad.

  However, don't think you SHOULD feel down, either. Whether someone is single or in a relationship doesn't change anything about them and thus shouldn't affect their self-esteem. Don't let others bring you down, either - if you're feeling cheerful, and your single friends are feeling down, don't let the negativity affect you. Focus on getting them to feel better as well! Don't let anyone pity you or assume you're sad because you're single on valentine's day.

 Have a happy valentine's day !

 Did you find this post helpful? Have more ideas to share? Feel free to comment!

 Picture from flickr user seyyed mostafa zamani


Histry Nerd said...

Nice post, Gemma! I like your positive outlook--and your emphasis on taking action. It's so easy to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, but the only way to change where we are is to do something about it.

Thanks for starting this!

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