My 11 rules of having a positive attitude


  This is a list of what I believe are the essential rules of having a positive attitude. These will help you see the bright side of pretty much everything!

 1. See opportunities.

 Every challenge and every problem is an opportunity to grow and learn. See failures as opportunities to evolve further as a person. Focus on what you can gain from every situation.

 2. Find positives in everything and everyone.

 Try to look at the positive side of everything and see the good qualities in every person.

 3. Eat healthy.

 Eating healthy is good for your mood and mental health. It doesn't have to mean giving up fast food or sweets completely, but it does mean taking control of your eating habits and making an effort to eat well.

 4. Exercise.

 More energy, increased self-discipline, increased self-esteem, better health. These are just some of the benefits of regular exercise. It will also be fun if you pick an activity you enjoy, and just makes you feel better in general.

 5. Relax.

 This can take many forms. For example - meditating, yoga, a hot bath. Make sure to clear your mind and free your body of stress and tension regularly.

 6. Find inspiration.

 Read, watch or listen to whatever makes you feel motivated and inspired every day.

 7. Be grateful.

 Appreciate all the gifts, big or small, that life has given you.

 8. Laugh.

 It's important to have a sense of humor about life and yourself as well.

 9. Connect with others.

 Relationships are an extremely important part of living a positive, meaningful life. Make an effort to improve the relationships in your life and to make the people in your life happy.

 10. Have the right focus.
  •   focus on your achievements, rather than failures
  •   focus on the solutions, not the problems 
  •   focus on the opportunities, not the obstacles
  •   focus on what is possible, rather than what isn't
  •   focus on what you have, instead of what is out of reach
  •   focus on what you can do, rather than what you can't
11. Seek out positive people.

 Positivity is contagious. Being around encouraging, supportive, positive people will do wonders to make you focus more on the good as well.

Did I leave something out? Did you find this post helpful? Feel free share your thoughts and comment!

Photo by flickr user treyevan.


Day-Dreaming Optimist said...

This was wonderful :) all great things to keep in mind every single day. Thank you for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! :)

Akhil Gupta said...

All the 11 points are really very important to have a good lifestyle and an healthy one. Well written!

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Unknown said...

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